Planning for PLC’s 2014 Live Demo Show

PLC Live in the WoodsPlanning is underway for the Sept 25-27, 2014, PLC live demo show, scheduled to take place on the Port Blakely Tree Farm, in Molalla, Ore.

The show, which features live demonstrations of the latest logging and on-the-ground forestry technologies, is expected to draw thousands of loggers, foresters, students, teachers and interested citizens from the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, and Australia.

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Pacific Logging Congress is Encouraging More Logging Contractors to 2014 Live Demo

2014 PLC ShowThe organizers of the Pacific Logging Congress are busy getting the word out about the 2014 Live Demo, scheduled September 25-27. They have put together an extensive campaign that includes, among other things:
• Print media
• Social media
• Presentations at 2014 western trade shows
• Engagement with state and provincial logging associations
• Engagement with tree farm managers and suppliers
• Equipment dealer campaign throughout B.C., Wash., Ore., Calif., Mont., and Idaho

PLC President Duane Evans says, “If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns please reach out to me or another PLC board member. We are always looking for better ideas and appreciate when you share your thoughts.”

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Pacific Logging Congress Live Demo Site offers Balance of Wood Size

PLC In the Woods Site

PLC In the Woods Site

The 2014 Pacific Logging Congress will be holding it’s 7th Annual In The Woods Show from Sept. 25 through Sept. 27, 2014.

The Port Blakely Tree Farm has been selected as the location. During the vendor site tour, several questions came up, including: “Isn’t the common ground-based tree length final cut setting too small?

Duane Evans, President of the PLC says several sites were considered. This one was chosen because “it offered the best balance of site dimension, terrain, wood size and contractor/student access.”

Evans adds, “The site isn’t perfect but it is very, very nice. The area designated to be clearcut is not overly large and will be common or shared by all of the active vendors within this site. Depending on how many vendor requests we get for this area will determine how the demonstration guidelines will be established. As a basic understanding, every company that pays for an active clear cut booth space will have a turn to demonstrate and only one machine will be operating at a time.”

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Pacific Logging Congress Keeps Vendor Expenses Down

cutting costsThe organizers of the 2014 Pacific Logging Congress Live Demo show (Sept. 25-27, 2014) have taken steps to reduce vendor costs. The footprint of the show has been reduced while providing each vendor with a private tent area and static display space.

“We have compressed the active display sites so each vendor can showcase their latest technology,” says PLC President Duane Evans. “In past shows, vendors were highlighting “production” and lamented that it also included feeding, housing and paying multiple operators and support personnel, allocating and transporting a fleet of equipment and then staffing a tent and with marketing and support people to field all of the new needs.”

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The 2104 PLC Live Demo Won’t Interfere with Hunting Season

DeerFor this of you that were worried that the 2014 Pacific Logging Congress Live Demo, held September 25-27, 2014, might interfere with hunting season, you can relax. Deer and elk hunting seasons won’t conflict with the dates of the show.

For all those hunters though, why not come to the show and hunt around the Port Blakely Tree Farms in Molalla, Ore., to get a glimpse of state-of- the-art technology, and earn some professional logger credits at the same time.

We’ll see you there.