2014 Live Demo Year for Pacific Logging Congress

Port Blakely Tree FarmsIf you were thinking it’s about time there was a live in-the-woods demo, you’re in luck. The Pacific Logging Congress has a live demo every four years and 2014 is the year!

This year the Port Blakely Tree Farm in Molalla, Ore., has been selected as the location. Port Blakely Tree Farms owns and manages forestland in both Washington and Oregon. The company harvests timber, primarily second-growth Douglas-fir, and sells it in the United States and throughout the Pacific Rim.

“This site offers the best balance of site dimension, terrain, wood size, and contractor/student access,” said Duane Evans, vice president of U.S. Forestry Operations for Port Blakely Tree Farms based in Olympia, Wash.

Port BlakelyAn interesting fact about Port Blakely: “Of the lands we own, we harvest less than two percent in any given year. When forests grow older, species diversity increases and habitat becomes more varied. Because of our commitment to the environment, the prime soil and advantageous weather patterns in our forests, and our longer-than-average harvest cycles, our products are among the best in the world.”

For more information about the upcoming demo, visit www.pacificloggingcongress.org



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