Four Reasons to Attend the Pacific Logging Congress Show

Building roadsThe Pacific Logging Congress, 7th annual in the woods show, will be September 25-27 this year.

Here are three reasons why to put it on your calendar.

1. See Machines in Action
The PLC will be showcasing state-of-the-art forestry machines from around the world. You can see first hand if they will work for your operation, and discuss any questions with the  manufacturers at the show.

2. Network with industry professionals
When attending the PLC in the woods show, you’ll have access to hundred of industry professionals and colleagues. Take advantage of the time to share ideas, ask questions, or just catch up.

3. Learn a Few Things
Whether you are an exhibitor and an attendee, you can always learn something at a live show. In addition to learning more about new equipment, you can learn a little bit about your competitors to help you hone your operation.

harvesting4. Have Fun
Let’s face it. Live shows are fun — checking out machinery while surrounded by friends and peers.

Take out your calendar now and mark down PLC, September 25-27, 2014.


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