Pacific Forest Foundation Grant Program

Mt. Hood And Pine TreesEach calendar year, as the budget allows, the Pacific Logging Congress makes available funds for awarding grants to organizations involved in projects that promote a positive public image for the forest products industry.

Requests are evaluated on the basis of the impact toward enhancing the public’s knowledge of the good forest management practices being used by the industry. And, the Executive Committee reviews the applications year round to determine which grants will be funded.

For those considering applying, below are the assessment priorities used in evaluating funding

  1. Program or Project is designed for use within the Pacific Logging Congress membership area
  2. Communicates environmental benefits of forestry and the use of forest products
  3. Communicates importance of balance between a need for forest products and protecting the environment
  4. Has a clear component for measuring success
  5. Is non-duplicative of other programs in the region
  6. Reaches a wide audience
  7. Most effective use of Pacific Logging Congress fund

Requests are to be sent to :
Mailing Address: PO Box 1281, Maple Valley, WA 98038
Tel: (425) 413-2808, Fax: (425) 413-1359



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