Planning for 2014 PLC “Live-in-the-Woods” Show

New Road at Port Blakley Tree Farms

New Road at Port Blakley Tree Farms

Planning is underway for the Sept 25-27, 2014, Pacific Logging Congress Live-in-the-Woods show, which will take place on Port Blakely’s Tree Farm., just minutes from downtown Molalla, Ore.

The come from all over
The show, which features live demonstrations of the latest logging and on-the-ground forestry technologies, is expected to draw thousands of loggers, foresters, students, teachers and interested citizens from the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, and Australia.

“Most people are completely unaware of the positive changes technology has brought to the forestry and logging professions over the last 20 years,” said PLC’s 2014 President Duane Evans, a Vice President of Timberlands for Port Blakely Tree Farms.

“The show gives equipment manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to demonstrate their latest technological advancements. Attendees will get a close-up look at active logging operations and have an opportunity to visit with those of us who make our living in the woods.”

For more information, just click HERE.


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