PLC President Duane Evans shows off Live in the Woods Site

Pacific Logging Congress President Duane Evans (Photo by Mary Bullwinkel)

Pacific Logging Congress President Duane Evans (Photo by Mary Bullwinkel)

Last week, PLC President Duane Evans helped exhibitors of the upcoming PLC Live in the Woods Show (Sept. 25-27)  get a better understanding of the site.

The event will be held at the Port Blakely Tree Farms, near Mollala, Ore. And, Evans knows a thing or two about the location, as he’s Port Blakely’s Vice President of Forestry Operations. He’s responsible for all aspects of harvest operations for Port Blakely Tree Farms’ U.S. ownership, including wood flow forecasts, timber production and wood marketing. Duane also represents Port Blakely Tree Farms in the forest policy arena, contributing to forestry issues on both the national and state levels.

The event is only three months away and will offer not only live machinery demonstrations, but educational and networking opportunities as well.

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Pacific Logging Congress Exhibitors Stake out Their Locations

PLC pre tourThe PLC Live in the Wood Show will be here shortly — September 25-27. This week some of the exhibitors were on site at the Port Blakley Tree Farms, checking out their future locations.

During the on-site meeting, exhibitors, members of OSHA, and PLC staff discussed safety issues, trails, bus routes and the flow of the school children who will be walking through the site.

“Overall, people were happy with the site and motivated to put on a good show,” says Sheila Ringdahl, publisher of TimberWest Magazine.

For more information on the upcoming show, just click HERE.


Sign up Students Now for in the Woods Education Day

kid hans embracing a tree trunkThe Pacific Logging Congress “In the Woods” education days, offered Sept. 25 and 26, will be here before you know it. Take a moment now to sign up to make sure your students don’t miss the opportunity.

The event that happens only once every four years will be held at the Port Blakely Tree Farm near Molalla, about 30 miles northeast of Salem.

Professional foresters will guide each group. Students will participate in hands-on activities that tie in with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. They will see innovative tree harvesting technology, learn how today’s practices protect habitat and water quality for fish and wildlife, and be exposed to an array of forest-related careers.

Classroom materials are provided for teachers, and reimbursement for buses to and from your school is available.

The event is fully insured and free of charge. It runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day, and each group will need two to three hours for the tour. Hard hats will be provided for every student.

To access the online form, just click HERE.

Why did I join the PLC?

Graham Lasure

Graham Lasure, Manager W.D. Moore Logging

For me it’s a combination of history and the future really.

When my father started dragging me around to logging association conventions, I didn’t understand the benefit. I started my logging career from the bottom, when I later graduated to management I finally realized the importance of belonging to industry groups.

Our company was in difficulty and I did not know where to turn. I finally began to contact those friendly people I had met at PLC for advice. They were a wealth of knowledge and provided the support to help guide me back on track. This is not a reason one immediately thinks of to join an association. Most loggers think they know it all, however no one actually does. Trust me it’s all been done before, and if it hasn’t others are experiencing the same issues.

As our membership ages, I particularly urge young contractors to sit and discuss your issues with us. If you read through history you will find most problems have been dealt with before and we can help each other.

So, I guess the first answer is community. After that there is the bigger picture of supporting the whole industry and its role in the health of our nation. One way I describe it is for you to imagine the industry without logging associations and the work we do; public education on the good of our industry, lobbying for change, and explaining the healthy career choices we provide for many.

If you are a logger, or otherwise involved in our industry, you need to be a member. Trust me, it will pay.

But the simplest reasons for me are that I believe in our renewable resource and know it is the greenest of industries, and for the lasting and supportive friendships I have formed at the PLC. (Reposted from PLC partner)

Meet 2014 DPLC President Duane Evans

Duane Evans

Duane Evans

For those of you who don’t know Duane Evans, this year’s president of the Pacific Logging Congress, let us give you a quick introduction.

Duane is the Vice President of U.S. Forestry Operations for Port Blakely Tree Farms. There he is responsible for all aspects of harvest operations for their U.S. ownership, including wood flow forecasts, timber production and wood marketing. He is also responsible for land use issues, neighbor as well as customer relationships.

Duane is active in forest policy, contributing on both the national and state levels. He is the Chair of the Forest Policy Committee for the Washington Forest Protection Association, policy committee member for the Oregon Forest Industry Council and an active member of the Operating Committee for the National Alliance of Forest Owners.

Duane has mentioned on several occasions how honored Port Blakely is to host the 2014 show for it coincides with Port Blakely’s 150th anniversary.

Now that you know Duane, feel free to introduce yourself at the In the Woods show held this September at the Port Blakely Tree Farms.