Why did I join the PLC?

Graham Lasure

Graham Lasure, Manager W.D. Moore Logging

For me it’s a combination of history and the future really.

When my father started dragging me around to logging association conventions, I didn’t understand the benefit. I started my logging career from the bottom, when I later graduated to management I finally realized the importance of belonging to industry groups.

Our company was in difficulty and I did not know where to turn. I finally began to contact those friendly people I had met at PLC for advice. They were a wealth of knowledge and provided the support to help guide me back on track. This is not a reason one immediately thinks of to join an association. Most loggers think they know it all, however no one actually does. Trust me it’s all been done before, and if it hasn’t others are experiencing the same issues.

As our membership ages, I particularly urge young contractors to sit and discuss your issues with us. If you read through history you will find most problems have been dealt with before and we can help each other.

So, I guess the first answer is community. After that there is the bigger picture of supporting the whole industry and its role in the health of our nation. One way I describe it is for you to imagine the industry without logging associations and the work we do; public education on the good of our industry, lobbying for change, and explaining the healthy career choices we provide for many.

If you are a logger, or otherwise involved in our industry, you need to be a member. Trust me, it will pay.

But the simplest reasons for me are that I believe in our renewable resource and know it is the greenest of industries, and for the lasting and supportive friendships I have formed at the PLC. (Reposted from PLC partner)


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