Thank from PLC Director and Executive Director

Kids at the PLC

Kids at the PLC


We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your support of the Pacific Logging Congress and our education mission through the Pacific Forest Foundation.  Every time we hold this show we get questions why do we bother catering to these school kids.  Ours is a resource industry and as such the urban / suburban and rural divide has never been greater.  To survive and flourish, our industry needs the long term support of the public, but in the short term it also needs equipment operators, truck drivers, support technicians and foresters.  This venue works to reach both of these goals to ensure our future and that of our sons and daughters.

Demo at PLC

Demo at PLC

We undertake a live in the woods demo every four years because it provides the PLC and PFF with a venue to present a “science-based” first impression of forestry to the public. The school teachers, chaperones and students were off loaded, met by a licensed forester and routed through science exhibits on wildlife, water quality, forest health, forest harvest considerations … Everyone was able to see active displays of forest machines performing a thinning and a final cut.  Vendors lined the road and pathways that are affiliated with these forest functions and the connection is made that; other local businesses are also supported by these forest activities.  Our tour then included grinders illustrating wood-to-energy and the span of multiple uses for our forest products.  Lastly, we had a tree planter putting in seedlings to show the full cycle of life for a forest.

Static Vendor Site

Static Vendor Site

When you look at the big picture of our impact on the public, in the first two days of the show, we had 2,567 students, 450 teachers and adult chaperones and 110 civic, business and governmental leaders take the tour.  For the majority, our positive message was the first “forestry” message they had ever received.    Thank you for setting the stage and creating the impact for 3,127 new touch points.

Our Friday evening loggers’ Barbeque hosted over 130 industry representatives for a fun evening of socializing.  The Pacific Forest Foundation Education auction grossed $19,000 with 100% of the funds used to provide forestry scholarships.  Since 2013 PFF has awarded over $25,000 in forestry scholarships.

Up to this point we’ve only talked about what the show does for the PLC and PFF.  Without your support we wouldn’t have a show.  Your needs are important to us and commercially, we hope you also found it rewarding.  We had 625 exhibitors, PLC directors and volunteers on site all of which are aligned with our industry.  In addition, we had 1,350 attendees pass through the PLC registration tent over the three day period.

We want your input so we know what we got right and where we can improve and maximize your experience.  Please take a moment and send us an email (  Your thoughts and ideas are valued.

Lastly, we wanted to again thank you for our mutual success.


Duane Evans, 2014 President

Rikki Wellman, Executive Director


Off-duty EMT helps bring cardiac arrest victim back to life at PLC

PLC demo

PLC demo

A man was saved the PLC by quick acting exhibitors. For the full story read below . . . 

A 53-year-old man who went into cardiac arrest Thursday afternoon while attending a timber industry event in the foothills outside Molalla, was brought back to life through the efforts of attendees using CPR and an off-duty Molalla Fire District EMT.

The man, whose name has not been released, was attending the Pacific Logging Congress “In the Woods” national convention, a three-day industry event being held this year at Port Blakely Tree Farms on Trout Creek Road, six miles from Molalla.

To read the entire article, just click HERE.

Pacific Logging Congress Live in the Woods Show Starts Tomorrow – September 25

Operating in the woodsIn just hours the Pacific Logging Congress Live In the Woods Show will be underway. The event, which only takes places every four years, will be held at the Port Blakely Trees Farms, in Molalla, Ore.

Expect to see nothing less that state-of-the-art machines in operation. These live demos will give you a chance to look up close and there will be staff on hand to answer any of your questions.

The event will be a hub of activity with educational tours, seminars and networking opportunities, as well as a few places to sit back and have a bite to eat.

Don’t miss out. This event won’t be back until 2018.

For a full itinerary of what’s available, just click HERE for the PLC Show Guide.

Two Days Until the PLC Live in the Woods Show

TwoThe Pacific Logging Congress Live in the Woods Show is only two short days away, held September 25-27, 2014, at the Port Blakely Tree Farms in Molalla, Ore.

If you haven’t had a chance to register for the conference that only happens once every four years, you’re in luck. Anyone can register at the site.

This is a “must attend” event. You’ll get a chance to see the most technically advanced machines in operation with a staff ready to answer your questions. And if that wasn’t enough, the days are filled with educational seminars and networking opportunities.

Don’t miss out! Come on by Thursday, September 25 and be part of one of the best logging shows of 2014!

PLC Live in the Woods Show Begins in Just Three Days

three days awayIt’s almost here. On Thursday, September 25, the Pacific Logging Congress Live in the Woods Show gets underway at the Port Blakely Tree Farms in Molalla, Ore. It will run through Saturday, Sept. 27.

The live show is held once every four years. And, as before, there will be something for everyone, including:
• new state-of-the-art equipment, with staff there to answer questions
• educational opportunities and pro logger credits
• networking events, including a BBQ at the  Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton, Ore.
• and more.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to register for the event, that’s not a problem. There will be registration available at the event.

For more details of this unique event, just click HERE.



Family Succession Planning Seminar at Pacific Logging Congress

Adult Hands Key To ChildOne of the seminars at this year’s Pacific Logging Congress, Live in the Woods Show, held Sept. 25-27, is the Family Succession Planning. It’s sponsored by Peterson Cat and designed to help family business owners understand the connections and contrasts between family and business.

This seminar will not only inform, but provide attendees with two Pro Logger Credits.

The seminar will be presented by industry professionals, including:
Duane Doyle Jr. of Peterson Cat.
Sherri Noxel, PhD, Director, Austin Family Business Program
John M. Nygaard Jr., Layer, John M. Nygaard LLC

To sign up to attend this seminar, just click HERE.

You Can Register for the Pacific Logging Congress Onsite

bunchingDon’t have time to pre-register for the Pacific Logging Congress‘s live In the Woods Show held this Sept 25-27? Not a problem. You can register onsite.

“Simply drive to the off-site parking area [west side of 33671 Dickey Prairie Rd., Molalla, Ore.], park and ride the shuttle to the show site. Once there you can purchase a show pass at the onsite registration tent,” says PLC Executive Director Rikki Wellman.

Of course, registering online is still an option. Just click HERE.

If you get lost, just head for the Port Blakely Tree Farms! We’ll see you at the show.