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statewide.200Scott Swanson, manager and vice president of West Fork Timber Co., says, “If you care about the jobs created by healthy working forests, about sustainable forestry and the renewable products they provide, and want the public to know the value of maintaining healthy working forests, then you should be a FAN of Working Forests.”

The website has great information on ways you can help support working forests and the individuals who work in them.

Swanson says, “In the case where action is needed, WFAN is a digital connection to local elected leaders, to send them a message.”

Check it out by clicking HERE.  I think you’ll be glad you did.


Cutting Edge Equipment at PLC 2014

Old Logging Equipment

Old Logging Equipment

Considering new equipment? You’ll find only cutting edge forestry machinery at the Pacific Logging Congress 7th In the Woods Show, September 25-27, 2014.

Even if you’re not looking for new equipment, its a great chance to see what’s new, talk to manufacturers one-on-one and connect with industry professionals.

We’ll see you at the show!


History of the Pacific Logging Congress

The Pacific Logging Congress will be holding its 7th In the Woods show, September 24-27, 1914, at the Port Blakely Tree Farms in Molalla, Ore.

For those of you who don’t know about the PLC, here’s a little story about how it all started.

PLC History
During a hot day in August of 1908, Mr. George Cornwall, who started a logging trade journal back in 1900, was visiting with a logger from Mt. Vernon, Wash., Mr. Ed English.

Mr. Cornwall announced he was about to take a bath and retire for the evening. Then he asked Mr. English if he provided a bathhouse in his logging camp. The discussion continued and the idea for a meeting of loggers to discuss bunkhouse sanitation and other matters were planned.

The first meeting of the Pacific Logging Congress was held in Seattle, Wash., in July of 1909. The three-day meeting covered sanitation, food supply, health care, use of electricity in logging, elimination of fire hazards, fire prevention, how to log on grades too steep for locomotives and a 50-cents per thousand board feet increase in tax facing loggers in Mendocino County, Calif.

Mr. Edmund Blake became the first president and Mr. Cornwall became the secretary of the organization and he held that post until 1924. At the first PLC meeting in 1909 Mr. Cornwall stated:

“Logging is an engineering science…The average logger must be a man of good executive ability and possess the power of initiative. He must work with difficult problems, whose solution determines the success or failure of his camp. Therefore, loggers should have frequent contact if they expect to keep pace with the changing times and benefit from associated effort and a frank exchange of views…” Mr. Cornwall’s words still ring true today.



Registration is now open for the PLC “7th In the Woods” education days


PLC Student Education

PLC Student Education

Want to take your students on a great field trip next fall? Consider the Pacific Logging Congress’s 7th “In the Woods” show. It’s held only once every four years and offers an up close view of the forest industry. 

Registration is now open for the Pacific Logging Congress education days. The live demonstration of contemporary logging, is aimed at fourth to 12th graders and will be held Sept. 25 and 26 at Port Blakely Tree Farm near Molalla, about 30 miles northeast of Salem.

What to Expect 
Students will participate in hands-on activities that tie in with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. They will see innovative tree harvesting technology, learn how today’s practices protect habitat and water quality for fish and wildlife, and be exposed to an array of forest-related careers.  Professionals from the forest sector will guide each group.  

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day, and each group will need approximately three hours for the tour. The event is free and reimbursement for bus costs is available. 

Space is limited, so sign-up soon. Click HERE for details and to register.

September 26 – PLC Logger Education Day

PLC SHOW Day 1 020The Pacific Logging Congress 7th Annual In the Woods Show, September 25-27, 2014, will, as always, have state-of-the-art machines operating in the woods.

And, as always, education will play a big role in the event. September 26 will be dedicated as “Logger Education Day”. Hands-on seminars will be presented by exhibitors. Those attending will earn Professional Logger education credits by attending the seminars and woods show.

For more information about the upcoming show, just click HERE.

Volunteers needed to lead students at PLC ‘In the Woods Show’

Volunteers needed for kidsThe Pacific Logging Congress is looking for 400 volunteers for its upcoming In the Woods Show, September 25-26, at at the Port Blakely Tree Farm in Molalla, Ore.

Volunteers will help guide approximately 3,000 students, K-12, as they view the most high-tech, environmentally advanced logging methods available.

“It’s important to keep students in touch with the forest,” says Duane Evans, vice president of forestry operations, who is also serving as PLC’s 2014 president. “They should understand where wood and paper come from, how trees are harvested, and how we manage this forest for a variety of products, as well as environmental benefits.”

Anyone interested should contact Julie Woodward, OFRI’s forest education program manager, at

PLC Invites Equipment Dealers and Manufacturers to Site Tour

PLC Site Tour

PLC Site Tour

If you’re an forestry equipment manufaturer or dealer, and considering exhibiting at the 2014 Pacific Logging Congress, Live in the Woods Show, PLC President Duane Evans is inviting you to a site tour June 23.

“As president of PLC and Vice President of US Forestry Operations for Port Blakely Tree Farms, I will be on hand to discuss our plans for the show,” says Evans. “Kris Johnson or a representative from Pacific Expo Decorating Company will also be available to answer any questions you have regarding tents and other decoration needs. And to give us an overview on PLC’s Education Days, Julie Woodard, Program Manager for Oregon Forest Resource Institute and Bonny Glendenning, Environmental Educator for Port Blakely will be available to give an update on the student education tours.

“I would also invite you to join the PLC directors and wives for lunch on Monday, June 23.  PLC will host a barbecue lunch at the woods site at noon.  Please indicate if you plan to attend the Woods Tour and lunch so we can have an accurate count for lunch.”

For more information visit