Planning for 2014 PLC “Live-in-the-Woods” Show

New Road at Port Blakley Tree Farms

New Road at Port Blakley Tree Farms

Planning is underway for the Sept 25-27, 2014, Pacific Logging Congress Live-in-the-Woods show, which will take place on Port Blakely’s Tree Farm., just minutes from downtown Molalla, Ore.

The come from all over
The show, which features live demonstrations of the latest logging and on-the-ground forestry technologies, is expected to draw thousands of loggers, foresters, students, teachers and interested citizens from the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, and Australia.

“Most people are completely unaware of the positive changes technology has brought to the forestry and logging professions over the last 20 years,” said PLC’s 2014 President Duane Evans, a Vice President of Timberlands for Port Blakely Tree Farms.

“The show gives equipment manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to demonstrate their latest technological advancements. Attendees will get a close-up look at active logging operations and have an opportunity to visit with those of us who make our living in the woods.”

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Fun Fact About the Pacific Logging Congress

Kids 32Did you know . . . The Pacific Logging Congress is 104 years old. In fact, it’s the oldest logging association in the United States.

It was organized in Seattle in 1909 to address logging camp conditions in Oregon and Washington.

Today, it draws its membership from the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain Regions, British Columbia, Alberta and New Zealand.

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Pacific Logging Congress Show Isn’t Just for Loggers

Student Education

Student Education

The Pacific Logging Congress “Live in the Woods” show to be held September 25-27, 2014, isn’t just for loggers.

The event, which will take place at the Port Blakely Tree Farms in Molalla, Ore., is expected to host as many as 2,000 elementary school children and teachers from the Portland area and southwest Washington.

“Education is our top priority,” said PLC’s 2014 President Duane Evans, a Vice President of Timberlands for Port Blakely Tree Farms.

The students and teachers will view the safest and most environmentally advanced logging methods available. Each individual is supplied with a hard hat and each group of students is guided by a professional forester. Bus transportation will be paid by Oregon Forest Resources Institute, Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Forest Foundation.

Pacific Forest Foundation Grant Program

Mt. Hood And Pine TreesEach calendar year, as the budget allows, the Pacific Logging Congress makes available funds for awarding grants to organizations involved in projects that promote a positive public image for the forest products industry.

Requests are evaluated on the basis of the impact toward enhancing the public’s knowledge of the good forest management practices being used by the industry. And, the Executive Committee reviews the applications year round to determine which grants will be funded.

For those considering applying, below are the assessment priorities used in evaluating funding

  1. Program or Project is designed for use within the Pacific Logging Congress membership area
  2. Communicates environmental benefits of forestry and the use of forest products
  3. Communicates importance of balance between a need for forest products and protecting the environment
  4. Has a clear component for measuring success
  5. Is non-duplicative of other programs in the region
  6. Reaches a wide audience
  7. Most effective use of Pacific Logging Congress fund

Requests are to be sent to :
Mailing Address: PO Box 1281, Maple Valley, WA 98038
Tel: (425) 413-2808, Fax: (425) 413-1359


Port Blakely Tree Farms Prepares for PLC

Port Blakely Tree Farm - Site of the PLC live-in-the-woods show

Port Blakely Tree Farm – Site of the PLC live-in-the-woods show

The Pacific Logging Congress Live Demo show will be here sooner than you think. The The 7th annual wood show will be held September 25-27, 2014 at the Port Blakely Tree Farms in Molalla, Ore.

The company is preparing for thousands of visitors — from local school children to industry professionals around the globe. By the time the show rolls around, roads will be built, machinery will be place, and you can expect an extraordinary experience.

Make sure to mark your calendar.

New Forestry Machines in the Making

Scandinavian forestry machine

Scandinavian forestry machine

At the 2014 Pacific Logging Congress, live in the woods show, September 25-27, you’ll have the chance to see the newest and the best forestry machines in their element. Also, manufacturers will be on hand to answer any questions.

It’s hard to imagine that these enormous machines started out as just an idea. Here are a couple futuristic ideas that you won’t see today, but who knows about tomorrow.

Walk Harvester

Walk Harvester

• The Scandinavian ATL’s Framtidens Skogsmaskin
 John Deere’s Walking Harvester

See you in September.